Chemistry between escort and Client

What is the feeling between an escort and a client?

From time to time we receive comments from clients complaining about the little affinity he has had with the girl or the little involvement he has shown in the relationship. In general, the sexual companions at Glamodels are professionals who know how to treat and take care of men, but this is not the only factor to guarantee a perfect sexual relationship.

The feeling between the two, that is, the sexual chemistry between the client and the escort, is a key factor to be able to reach orgasm successfully. This sexual chemistry or sexual attraction has to exist both ways and no one can be forced to have it. The feeling between the client and the escort occurs from the first moment, and even in many cases it can be physically reflected with the dilation of the pupil or nervousness. Neurologically it is shown that their brains secrete dopamine and the endocrine system adrenaline, causing an increase in blood flow in the body.

Tips for sexual attraction

  • Know what you want to get what you are looking for. At Glamodels we have different escorts that will satisfy the client’s needs at all times. If the client wants a GFE sexual relationship, the client will surely have more sexual chemistry if he chooses a profile of an affectionate, sweet, careful and romantic girl, as is the case with Sandra, Bella, Abril, Lucia … Looking for a PSE relationship, sexual chemistry will awaken with the candidates who meet the following requirements: sexual woman, with large breasts and who offers a wide variety of sexual services, such as Alexandra, Bella …
  • Physical attraction. Clients who come to Mexico City, know that they will be able to meet different beauties and that it will be difficult to choose between the range of possibilities. They will end up opting for the one that best meets their physical demands: big tits, small tits, blonde, brunette, Asian, African …
  • Extra sexual services. If the client is determined to carry out a sexual fantasy by practicing a certain extra sexual, he will have to ask the person in charge that only the ladies who practice said sexual service appear. In no case may any lady be forced to perform a service that she does not want.

Sexual chemistry in Mexico City

In Glamodels you will find different profiles of high standing escorts, where the client can choose between one and the other to maintain a satisfactory sexual relationship with whom the sexual chemistry is tangible.

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