Bachelor party in Mexico City

Are you about to get married? Do you want to prepare a very special and exciting surprise for your best friend before their wedding? At Glam Models, we have the perfect idea for you: a bachelor party in Mexico City with some of the most exciting escorts in Mexico City. Surely we have convinced you with just these few lines… Keep reading and we will tell you in detail!

A wedding is already, in itself, a most fun event. Why not add fun to one of the best encounters between friends before the expected date arrives? There are many ways you can have a bachelor party in Mexico City, and all of them will leave you speechless.

We know that bachelor parties can be held for a whole weekend, although some of them also consist of a most unforgettable evening. The fact is that it takes place weeks before the wedding and that the groom has the opportunity to do everything that his singleness still allows him.

The escorts in Mexico City who are listed on have very special ideas for you. Do you want to know what they have prepared for you?


We could not miss one of the classics during a bachelor party: a striptease. The escort in Mexico City that you choose for your friend will be in charge of performing a sensual dance and striptease for the future boyfriend.

Lesbian show

The sexual encounter between two women is a recurring fantasy between men. And this is multiplied by a hundred when it comes to a group of friends.

At Glam Models, we have listed escorts very prepared to do a very special show for this occasion: a lesbian show. Two escorts will get carried away, they will excite each other while your group of friends will be able to freely observe the show. A goodbye to the most exciting singleness!

These spectacular women inspire by every part of their body and their skin, sex. What are you waiting for to opt for one and call?

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